Rainy Day Reads

My favorite reading weather is rainy day reading weather.  There’s something about the sound of the rain hitting the windowpane and the slight crackle of thunder that makes rainy days the perfect days to snuggle up with a favorite book.  In honor of rainy days and summer storms, try one of these reads that will have you longing for those blissful rainy, reading days.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 9.34.57 AMThe Rain Watcher by Tatiana de Rosnay

Jump right into this family drama set in Paris, where a family gathers for their father’s 70th Birthday. Discover hidden fears as the city slowly goes through a natural disaster and learn how family can stay united even when faced with horrible circumstances.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 9.37.56 AMOut of the Rain by Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber is the classic feel good novel.  After reading any of her books, you’ll automatically feel better about life and the world.  This book is composed of two novellas, A Marriage Wanted and Laughter in the Rain, making it the perfect rainy afternoon read.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 9.42.37 AMBefore the Storm by Diane Chamberlain

There hasn’t been a Diane Chamberlain book that I have not loved.  In this novel, you’ll uncover a story about a mother’s love for her child and a town mystery.  When Laurel’s son Andy is suspected of arson, will she stand by her son and protect him forever?  Or will she side with the accusers?

And if you’re looking for a more factual rain story how about:

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 9.44.37 AMRain a Natural and Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett

Rain- we read about it, write about it, and dream about it, but how much do we actually know about it?  This book takes a deep dive into the story of rain, and it is fascinating.

So tell us, what is your favorite rainy day read?  Tell us in the comments below!

-Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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