Reading Challenge Update

Hi Blog readers,

Do you remember our post from last December on our 2020 reading goals? Let’s be honest, with the way 2020 has been going – probably not. The basic outline is that Jessica and I decided to challenge ourselves to read 100 and 85 books, respectively. And guess what? Jessica is one book away from 100, while I already passed my goal of 85, with 104 books read to date! While these numbers may seem outlandish, keep in mind that we’re both fast and voracious readers. Whether you read 1 book, 200 books, or anything in between, we’re proud of the reading that you accomplished during this difficult time. 

Enjoy the video below where we give each other (and you the viewer!) updates on our challenge progress, favorite genres, and even how COVID-19 affected our reading patterns. 

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-Katie, Head of Adult Services & Acquisitions

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