Reflective Journaling: Library Trivia Answers

We answered some fun library trivia questions on last week’s reflective journaling sheets.  Interested in seeing how many answers you got right?  Below is the answer key!

Question 1: What year did the first free library in Livingston open? 1911

Question 2: In what year did the Alpha Club incorporate the Livingston Free Public Library? 1916

You can learn more about the history of the Livingston Public Library here.

Question 3: Who devised the Dewey Decimal System? Melville Dewey

You can learn more about Melville Dewey here.

Question 4: What books are kept under 398.2? Fairytales!

Question 5: What was the world’s oldest known library called? The Library of Ashurbanipal

You can read more about the oldest libraries in the world here.

Happy Journaling!

-Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian


Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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  1. Human savagery by no means limited to modern times. Two of the greatest universities in the world and their cities were destroyed, scholars and residents killed at Taxila (1000 BC) and Nalanda (427 -1193 AD) by invaders from Asia Minor (read Muslims). Most recent example the destruction of Bamyan Buddha statues 180′, 125′ tall.
    These were some of the most uneducated, uncultured, fiercest people in the world and have been eternally loathed.

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