Setting Sail on the Summer Reading Challenge

By now you’re likely well on your way to completing your Kindness Activities as part of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge! One of the World Kindness Activities you can choose to complete for Level 4 is to read a book about the ocean. Here are a few of our newest favorites about exploring the waves and the creatures who live in them!

Deep: Dive Into Hidden Worlds, by Jess McGeachin

Dive In, by Roxie Munro

Earth’s Incredible Oceans, by Jess French

I Am the Shark, by Joan Holub

Let’s Explore the Ocean, by Polly Cheeseman

Ocean! Waves for All, by Stacy McAnulty

Ocean Atlas: A Journey Across the Waves and Into the Deep, by Tom Jackson

Professor Astro Cat’s Deep-Sea Voyage, by Dr. Dominic Walliman

Wild Kratts: Wild Sharks!, by Chris and Martin Kratt

The World of Coral Reefs, by Erin Spencer

Happy Swimming, err… Reading!

-Melanie Bruchet, Youth Services Librarian

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