Space Explorers

With the much-anticipated launch of the new James Webb Space Telescope coming up soon, now is the perfect time to journey through the stars with some books about space!

A partnership between NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency, Webb is the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built. Webb was designed to see the infrared light given off by the very first stars that were formed over 13.5 billion years ago, as well as to explore planets in other solar systems to see if any of them could support future human life. Webb will be one of the successors to the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been operating in space for over 30 years (with another decade or two still to go!).

Visit the Youth Services display shelf this week to stock up on out-of-this-world titles! Here are a few to get you started:

Astronaut Training, by Aneta Cruz

The Complete Guide to Space Exploration, by Ben Hubbard

Little Leonardo’s Fascinating World of Astronomy, by Sarafina Nance

The Little Spacecraft That Could, by Joyce Lapin

Mr. Corbett is in Orbit, by Dan Gutman

Mysteries of the Universe, by Lela Nargi

Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket, by Sue Fliess

The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision, by SJ King

We Dream of Space, by Erin Entrada Kelly

Happy Reading!

-Melanie Bruchet, Youth Services Librarian

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