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Did you know that with your Livingston Library you have access to not only numerous physical films on DVD, but also thousands of films that you can stream? That’s right! Your Livingston Library card gives you access to thousands of films through Kanopy. You can access Kanopy through the Library’s website here. 

Below are some films that you  can look forward to streaming this fall and winter. Note: descriptions are taken from Kanopy. 

Capote (2005) 

Philip Seymour Hoffman delivers an Oscar® -winning performance (2006, Best Actor) as Truman Capote, who embarks upon a journey to write the book of a lifetime, “In Cold Blood,” based upon the murder of a family in Kansas. Developing a unique relationship with one of the imprisoned murderers (Clifton Collins Jr.), even he wonders if he can write the great book he believes destiny has handed him.

Loving Highsmith (2022) 

Loving Highsmith is a unique look at the life of celebrated American author Patricia Highsmith based on her diaries and notebooks and the intimate reflections of her lovers, friends and family. Focusing on Highsmith’s quest for love and her troubled identity, the film sheds new light on her life and writing. Most of Highsmith’s novels were adapted for the big screen; the best known of these are Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Carol, a partly autobiographic novel, was the first lesbian story with a happy ending to be published in 1950s America. But Highsmith herself was forced to lead a double life and had to hide her vibrant love affairs from her family and the public. Only in her unpublished writings did she reflect on her private life. Excerpts from these notes voiced by Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, Top of the Lake), beautifully interwoven with archive material of her and her most famous novel adaptions, create a vivid, touching portrait of one of the most fascinating female writers.

Children of Night (2015)

A secluded colony of child vampires come under attack from vengeful villagers in this darkly funny horror tale by Argentinean filmmaker Ivan Noel. A journalist visits a secluded orphanage where children suffer from an unknown skin disease. She soon learns that they are in fact not children, but vampires aging from 4 to 120 years old and who have been bitten at an early age and forever remain in that physical state. They are led and protected by a strange and deeply religious ex-nurse whose destiny in life is to find these ‘lost souls’ and raise them in her sanctuary. Through religious teachings, nocturnal rituals and the occasional visit to local towns for fresh human blood, she keeps them safe  – that is until a cultish band of men from a nearby village plot to destroy the refuge. It takes the children, head by the 90-year-old grandson of Count Dracula, to defend their world.

Lives Well Lived (2021)

Lives Well Lived celebrates the incredible wit and wisdom of people aged 75–100, who reveal their secrets for living a meaningful life. Encompassing 3,000 years of collective life experience, diverse people share life lessons about perseverance, the human spirit, and staying positive in the midst of life’s greatest challenges. Their stories will make you laugh, perhaps cry, but mostly inspire you.

Enforcement (2020) 

Two officers are paired together – Mike belongs to a core of officers known for brutality, while Jens struggles for turning a blind eye to their abuse of power. Finding themselves trapped while on patrol they must work together to get out alive.

Before You Know It (2019)

A long-kept family secret thrusts codependent, thirty-something sisters into a literal soap opera. Starring Judith Light, Mandy Patinkin and Alec Baldwin.

-Jessica, Head of Adult Services & Acquisitions

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