Summertime Projects

“After rain, comes sunshine.” — Anonymous

However often it changes between dark and bright, cold and warm, rainy and sunny, or however long it takes to change to a different kind of season, we know the sunny days will eventually come.

And ha!, who doesn’t have projects lined up only for these summertime days!?!!

For some, sunnier days bring visions of a more pleasing home, inside or outside the house, or maybe even of homes in a new neighborhood.  While for some, the casual days of summer may mean chances to learn and apply new skills during relaxation and vacations.

So, here are some picks that can help you get going!

Keep On Learning - Summertime Projects


Universal Class offers courses like How To Decorate A Room, and Feng Shui 101.  Learning more online can help inspire and bring about decorating ideas from simple to complex changes.

There are also courses like Introduction to Gardening, or Landscaping 101 from Universal Class, and courses like Start Your Own Edible Garden, and Growing Plants for Fun and Profit from Gale.  A lot of happy gardeners out there started as clueless newbies digging somewhere with their own areas of soil, sun, shade, seeds, and sprouts.

If your dreams of a better home involve buying and selling you current house, you may want to check out How To Prepare, Stage and Sell Your Home from Universal Class and Real Estate Law from Gale Courses.

If beaches and breezy days are your main goals this summer, do you think it’s a great idea to learn speed reading and practice on your beach reads?  Gale Courses has Merrill Ream Speed Reading waiting for you!  Easy summer reads may pave the way for better comprehension and faster reading later on, when you find that you need to tackle 2-4 books in a short span of time.

Now for the writer in you, would you be interested in sharing your thoughts during your travels?  Or maybe even monetizing these experiences is something you’d like to do?  To start in that direction, search for Travel Writing and similar interests from Gale Courses as well as Universal Class.

And if you need to explore some more, no matter what time of day or night, our digital collections have tons about any of these projects.  They are there waiting for you, with a treasure trove of answers and information, 24/7.  The last time we looked, there were about 27, 506 titles in Overdrive / Libby‘s list of e-books and e-audiobooks.  RbDigital has about 245 magazine titles, with previous and current issues, and it includes famous travel, writing, home, and garden publications.  And of course, Hoopla contains abundant material, in all kinds of formats (e-books, e-audiobooks, videos), on lots of topics under the sun.  We hope something in these collections will present whatever it is that you’re looking for.

As always, you can some to the Library and we’ll help you find more resources for your plans.

— Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist

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