Where to Get Tax Forms

It’s that time of the year again — for tax returns!

So the question of the day is where can we get tax forms?

And the answers are… One, all tax forms are available online.  And two, for those who are looking for pre-printed or printed forms, there are several sources which will be discussed further down the line.

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For the online sources, here are the official websites where you can get the official tax forms:

FEDERAL tax formswww.irs.gov
at — www.irs.gov/forms-instructions

For Individuals, a good resource for Federal Income Tax information is Publication 17, which can be also found in the Forms & Instructions page mentioned above.

NJ STATE tax forms

There is a drop down menu to Find Forms/Returns for your needs.

For those who are looking for printed forms, there are several ways to get these:

FEDERAL printed tax forms

  • Some local libraries, our very own Livingston Public Library included, receive printed tax forms and/or instructions but these are only for the basic Federal forms, i.e. the Federal 1040 forms.  In our Library, the printed tax forms can be found by the Adult Services Reference Desk.  All the other Federal tax forms, schedules and instruction booklets will need to be taken online, from the IRS official website.
  • You can get tax forms from the local IRS office near you.  You can find one via this IRS office locator link.  The nearest local IRS office is at:
    1719-C Route 10 West, Parsippany
    Open Mondays – Friday
    8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • You can also request tax forms to be mailed to you (allow plenty of time) by calling this number 800-829-3676 or by using this link: www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/forms-and-publications-by-us-mail

STATE tax forms
, for NJ as well as for other states, are ONLY available online.

  • You can reach the NJ Taxation Customer Service Center at 609-292-6400.

To save you some research efforts, the following places do NOT give out Federal nor State tax forms: Community Center, Post Office, AAA, shopping malls.

Our Librarians can assist in printing the forms and publications for 15 cents per black&white page (25 cents per color page).

For the usual printing fees at the Library, patrons can access the IRS and NJ State sites online, select the tax forms and instruction booklets they need, and then submit the selected documents, for printing at the Library. Printing fees will apply and patrons will need to know what to print.

Keep On Learning - Where to Get Tax Forms Price List

Keep in mind, though, that Librarians are not trained to answer tax questions.

As always, the Library’s resources (computer workstations, copier machines, printers, etc) are available for public use, and we’re always here to help.

— Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist


Job Search

Job searching, it seems, has lots of similarities to snow mountain climbing.

– It’s an uphill trek. Daunting, hard work but rewarding when you get to where you’re going.

– You need to be properly outfitted. With brilliant resumes, reliable leads and compasses, a great attitude, presentation of self, endless motivation and drive, steady focus, and such.

– You need to be mentally and psychologically aware of, and during, the long climb. Can’t give up.

– It can get cold. Really cold, when icy winds blow or when lonely silences lapse by, when the only response you’ll hear is the echo of your hello.

– However the terrain goes, you know you need to reach the summit. And claim – or plant that flag that says “Hired!” at the top.

– Networking with other fellows can make it easier, as things can get rough.

– Communication is key. How you convey your ideas affects the next step.

– And… in order to conquer the mountain, one needs to prepare!

So here we are with some gear to help you in navigating the climb, i.e. the job search:


Keep On Learning - Job Search

Universal Class and Gale Courses have offerings to help bulk up your job searching skills.

To find the courses, try the following key words: job, interview, resume, communication, writing, speaking, conversation, etiquette, career, business, negotiation, success.

The search results will bring you more titles that can help in different ways, whether these aim to improve your job searching skills or your job-related skills.

Moreover, what company will not appreciate the research and efforts you made to get to know them better?

Publications like The Star Ledger, The New York Times, and Business Source Elite can help build your knowledge about the peaks, i.e. businesses or career paths, that you decide to go for.

We hope these free materials will provide requisite information during your job search.

Lastly, if you need help in finding more materials or if you need help on how to use these resources, just reach out to the Adult Services Reference Desk at extension 263.

Keep on going, keep on learning!

  — Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist

For more information, visit:  www.livingstonlibrary.org/resources-az/

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