On Display at the Livingston Public Library: Paintings by Susan Greenwald

We are delighted that the Livingston Public Library’s display case is once again showcasing artwork and special collections by community members.

The display for September features colorful paintings by local resident Susan Greenwald.

In Susan’s words, “Art is my passion!  My first experience as an artist was hand painting children’s gifts and clothing when my own children were young.  After transforming a window from my husband’s childhood home into a decorative table, I started working in mosaics, creating tables, mirrors and trays.  In 2014 I took my first oil painting class and have been hooked ever since.”

Susan works primarily in oil paints but enjoys working with different mediums.  She experiments with different styles and techniques, both traditional and abstract, and relishes working with both monochromatic and full color palettes. 

Says Susan, “ I paint landscapes, portraits, still life and animals.  I’m inspired by nature, color, light, people, vistas – everything!  Primarily self-taught, I’m motivated by the creative process and goal of conveying the beauty of life in my work.”

A member of the Visual Arts Center of Summit, NJ since 2015,  Susan  exhibits her work at their member show each year. She has also exhibited at the ACL Gallery shows in Livingston since 2019. 

Susan adds “I’m thrilled to show my work this month at the Livingston Public Library.    The exhibition features original oil paintings on paper as well as two watercolors.  I’ve found this gives a “lighter” feeling to the paintings, while still working in oils.”

On display are two series of paintings, “Fun at the Beach” and “Nature Snippets”, and “these cheerful florals and beach scenes are sure to brighten your September”, adds Librarian Archana Chiplunkar.

Susan can be reached via email at Gigistudios1@gmail.com and on Instagram at @gigiartstudios

Archana, Adult Services and Acquisitions Librarian

March – May Monthly Display

As a collaboration between the Livingston Public Library and the Livingston Public School Visual Arts program, the Library’s display case will feature rotating artworks created by elementary and middle school students under the guidance of their art teachers, for the months of March, April and May.

The display season starts in March with a vibrant variety of  artworks in different media created by middle school students from Mount Pleasant Medical School and Heritage Middle School

Under the direction of MPMS art teacher Alexandra Fiore, 6th graders created paintings to inspire positive messages in the community, inspired by artist and activist Peter Max.

Dramatic Greek theater mask style relief sculptures displaying emotions using plaster, cardboard, styrofoam and aluminum foil are also on display.

HMS students were led by art teachers Janice Reis and Jordan Montgomery.

7th graders created 3D face relief sculptures displaying emotion or feeling, using plaster craft and acrylic paint, inspired by Expressionism.

Also created by 7th graders are expressive 3D hand paintings inspired  by Auguste Rodin–students cast their own hands in plaster and incorporated the hand in a painting to evoke a feeling or emotion.

8th graders created animal paintings inspired by Fauvism, a style characterized by a saturated color palette, thick brushstrokes, and simplified forms. They also created Tessellations, unique repeating patterns inspired by artist M. C. Escher.  Also on display are beautiful ceramic bowls created by draping clay slabs over molds and imprinting a variety of natural textures.

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-Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian