On Display at the Livingston Public Library: Paintings by Urmi Battu

This November, the Livingston Library’s display case showcases the paintings of local artist Urmi Battu.

Urmi is an artist of Indian origin and comes from an eastern part of India, the state of West Bengal, where music and art are an integral part of the culture. But growing up  at the top engineering college campus in India – where her father was a professor –  surrounded by science and engineering, an artistic career seemed a distant dream. She earned a Master’s degree in mathematics and had a successful career teaching  computer technology. 

Fifteen years ago, she left her career in computers to follow her  passion for arts and music. She started her own music school “UrmiMusic” right here in  Livingston, where she teaches Indian music and began a quest for personal discovery through her paintings. She tries to capture and relive the memories of India that she left behind through her artistic expressions. 

Her paintings have won numerous awards and  have been exhibited in many shows in NJ. She is currently a signature member of the  Pastel Society of NJ, and a member of the Livingston Arts Association. She also serves  on the board of the Pastel Society of NJ as the publicity coordinator. She has studied with  noted artists Enrique Flores-Galbis, Christina Debbary, and Parag Borse. 

Her current exhibit at the Livingston Public Library is called “Small Moments”. It is a collection of her small works that are mostly studies for her larger paintings. Her style is  realistic and her favorite medium is pastels. The collection has portraits, still-life paintings and landscapes mostly done in pastels. You can view more of her work on Instagram at @urmi.arts

-Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

October Monthly Display:  Deep Into Nature:  Paintings by Marnie Vyff

This October the Livingston Public Library is showcasing the paintings of artist Marnie Vyff.

Marnie was born, raised and lives in New Jersey. Her interests have always been  in the arts and environmental studies. With an undergraduate degree in graphic  design from the Rhode Island School of Design, she spent her early adult life as a  graphic designer in New York City, San Francisco and Denmark. 10 years ago  she got her masters degree at Montclair State University in environmental  studies and now is a Professor at Kean University in environmental science and paints in her spare time. 

Marnie blends her love for nature and color in the creative form of painting.  Her artwork represents her reverence for the natural wild world and, often, the tragedy of its destruction by mankind.  She quotes Albert Einstein who said, “Look deep into  nature and then you will understand everything better.” 

Adds Marnie, “An important example of  this is that balance in nature includes species eating other species. It’s how  nature passes nutrients and energy up the food chain. It is essential and good.  However, the mass destruction of the wild world is actually destroying the  planet’s future ability to sustain life, including mankind.  Look deep into nature. Understand and fall in love with the systems by which life  works and their natural beauty, for we cannot save what we do not love. “

Marnie’s ultimate goal is to emphasize emotional content through color and  texture which cannot be found in straight realism. She uses mostly “acrylic  pour” for the way colors blend and flow. Her subject matter tends to be simple natural topics, where she can play with colors and textures in a constant search  for the right balance between realism and abstraction.  

The striped paintings displayed in this exhibit represent motion or different moments in time, thus including the fourth dimension – time. They are created by painting two  paintings with the same composition but with different coloration. The paintings  are sliced up, mixed every other strip and glued to an artboard. The resulting color play adds visual interest.

Stop by during Library hours in October to enjoy this unique exhibit in the entrance showcase.

-Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian