Happy Star Wars Day!

To celebrate May the 4th, which is also known as Star Wars Day, the Youth Department is offering a Baby Yoda Take & Make Craft and colorable Search and Find Star Wars sheets.  Find them both at the Youth Services Desk, while supplies last.

Members of the Yakety Yak 2nd-3rd Grade Book Club read and discussed a book about the creator of Star Wars, Who is George Lucas? The children and teen volunteers practiced using their STEM skills to build catapults with craft sticks, then launched pompoms at the “Death Star” to defend Endor and save the Ewoks.  The children had fun defeating the Death Star!

For more ideas, visit our Star Wars Book Display located in the Youth Services Wing of the Library.

May the Fourth Be With You!

Amanda Winter, Youth Services Librarian

Autism Acceptance Month in Youth Services

April is Autism Acceptance Month! First observed in 1972 by the Autism Society, the goal of the month is to create a more inclusive society in which autistic* people are celebrated and supported. For more information on autism, we encourage you to visit the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s website.

Sesame Street: Julia

It was Supposed to Be Sunny

Too Sticky: Sensory Issues with Autism 

Oona and the Shark

My Rainbow

A Kind of Spark

Anybody Here Seen Frenchie?

Get a Grip, Vivy Cohen!  

Tornado Brain

How to Talk to an Autistic Kid 

Little People, Big Dreams: Greta Thunberg

Be sure to stop by our Autism Acceptance Month display in the children’s seating area for more great reads!

Amanda Winter, Youth Services Librarian

* Identity-first language (“autistic person”) is preferred over person-first language (“person with autism”) by the vast majority of the autistic community because autism is an inherent part of an individual’s identity, and we honor and affirm this language choice.