Message from the Director: Take a Walk with a Poem


Dear Livingston Library Community,

April is Poetry Month and it’s almost over.  So there’s no better time to try a poetry walk, one of my all-time favorite experiences.  Select a poet with a nice sense of rhythm, nothing too fancy.  Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, and Emily Dickinson are good.  And then take the book outside with you to your favorite ramble, whether it’s a city street or a wooded path.  Stop every now and then and read a stanza or two.  Let the poet’s choice of words, the images and sounds sock you in the solar plexus.  For as William Carlos Williams himself once said, “Poets are damned but they are not blind, they see with the eyes of the angels.”  And then keep on walking with those sublime lines ringing in your head.  You might bring along one of your favorite companions, old or young, to share them with.  Either way, I promise you an afternoon you won’t forget.

For more wonderful poets, take a look at our display of poetry books near the entrance to the Library.  Or ask any of our highly trained librarians for a recommendation.  Because at Livingston Library, we bring the world to you.


All the best,

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