Message from the Director: Try a Weekend Classic

Dear Livingston Library Community,

AmyIt’s the end of August.  Are you one of the many who haven’t finished War & Peace, Infinite Jest, or Game of Thrones this summer despite your best intentions?  Give yourself a break and enjoy a novella, or what we at the Library call a “weekend classic”: a highly readable work of literature of 200 pages or less.  A weekend classic is short enough to read in a few days even if unexpected houseguests turn up, and powerful enough to give you a glimpse into another world.  For a few ideas, see the illustration below.  Or ask any one of our highly trained librarians for suggestions.

Because as the poet Emily Dickinson once said,  “There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away”…and the most satisfying voyages are not always the most lengthy.

Here’s to books, both short and long!  And here’s to the last delicious, golden days of August, however you choose to spend them.

All the best,

Amy, Director – Livingston Library


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