Message from the Director: Understanding Hearing Loss


Dear Livingston Library Community,

Helen Keller once famously said, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.”  So if you or someone in your life is becoming hard of hearing, don’t miss our free public program,  “Understanding Hearing Loss” with a physician and an audiologist from the Summit Medical Group. You’ll learn all about the anatomy of the ear, the intricate workings of our sense of hearing, and find out about the most advanced surgical practices and technology for treating hearing loss at any age.

“Understanding Hearing Loss” is part of our recent new series of health and wellness programs.  At the Library we recognize that there are many different kinds of literacy, and medical literacy is more complex and more important than ever in the modern age.  Registration is required for this program.  Call 908-277-8889 or sign up online.

And remember, at Livingston Library we bring the world to you.


All the best,

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