Winter Break Reads

Looking for things to keep you busy this week while school is out? Here are a few of our favorite new things in Youth Services!


Africa, Amazing Africa

Renowned storyteller Atinuke (author of the Anna Hibiscus series) takes readers through Africa country by country in this beautifully illustrated nonfiction book. Learn about food, culture, traditions, and more from each of Africa’s unique regions!

No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest

Pella and Bix must travel to the heart of the Enchanted Forest to save the Midsummer Festival. Will the sisters be the first to ever find their way home from this mysterious, magical realm?

In My Neighborhood

Take an adventure closer to home in this imaginative picture book where musical instruments come to life. Feeling left out in a family full of classical instruments like the cello and piano, can Drum find his own place in the city and discover his own unique beat?


The Flyers

Elena Martinez is about to spend the summer after 7th grade interning for a teen magazine in New York City. Elena and her fellow Young Flyer interns forge new friendships and learn that teamwork and courage can overcome a lot of obstacles along the way.

Star Friends

Mia, Lexi, Sita, and Violet meet their Star Animals – magical animals who have traveled from the Star World to help them use their unique powers for good. Join the Star Friends as they help solve mysteries and save their small town from dark magical forces.

Carlos Gomez Freestyles… Heavy on the Style

Carlos and his family are the only Mexican-Americans in their small Midwestern town. Coupled with his lisp and flair for the dramatic, Carlos sticks out like a sore thumb. When the chance to join a local BMX stunt team for a talent show comes up, Carlos jumps at the chance… what could possibly go wrong?


The Magnificent Makers

Join Pablo, Violet, and Deepak as they discover a magical makerspace with STEM games and puzzles behind every door. Each exciting volume in this early chapter book series has suggestions for crafts and experiments at the end.

Maker Comics

This hilarious and educational graphic novel series teaches readers about everything from robots to gardening to outdoor survival skills. Perfect for keeping hands busy and brains stretched.

As always, we encourage you to come browse the New Books area in the Youth Department and explore all the shiny new arrivals to our shelves!

Happy winter break, and happy reading!

-Melanie Bruchet, Youth Services Librarian

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