Your Free Ticket to “Summer Blockbusters”

Despite the fact that a big part of my day is spent in front of small digital screens of various kinds, I am an eternal believer in the magic of the big screen!

One of my cherished summer traditions is going to the movie theaters at least a couple of times and watching the big summer escapades as they are meant to be– whether it be a spectacular action thriller, a thrilling sci- fi feature or a splendidly made animated film. Sitting through one of these cinematic escapes in the cool confines of the movie theater with a big bag of popcorn offers me immense enjoyment.

This year, it goes without saying, isn’t in any way ordinary. With movie theaters closed and uncertain plans to reopen, if you are like me, you may surely be  missing your May-August romance with the big screen. Thanks to your Livingston Public Library card you can always check out and reminisce about some blockbuster movies of past summers from the comfort of your home, so you won’t feel deprived of your annual summer fun. 

Here are a few unforgettable summer blockbusters of past decades that are worth viewing again,  and that are available as a DVD in the Library’s collection.  They can be requested online and picked up using the Library’s contactless pick up service. 

Enjoy your free ticket to the movies; just supplement with bowls of popcorn and some cool drinks!

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-Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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